~Commission are Open~

 I’m open to different types of commissions if you have something very specific that you’d like to have done! For example, I also do commissions for dakimakuras, overlays, environments, character design, etc. If you have any further questions regarding commissions, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask! Payments are through paypal under the same email.

To contact me about a commission please email me at melorawilliams@gmail.com.

Usually for twitch streamers or discord channels

$20 per emote or
$50 for 3 emotes

Involves sketch, lineart, colors, and finishing touches. final prices depend on complexity of the artwork. These are popular for DnD portraits, OCs,

● $30-35 for a sketch/rough
● $50 for a bust
● $70 for waist up
● $90 for fullbody

+$25 for an extra character
+$40 for a background


One of the more lengthy commissions that could take a while depending on the content, deadline, etc. These are popular for portraits of people, character/creature designs, etc.

● $35-45 for a sketch/rough
● $60 for a bust
● $80 for a waist up
● $100 for a fullbody

+$40 for an extra character
+$60 for a background

Commission Rules

I start the commission after I receive the full payment. Please understand that art takes time! I'm currently working and taking classes so the timing isn't completely set (if you have a time frame PLEASE let me know). I have the right to decline a commission for any reason (regarding certain requests, please ask me through me email... That being said I'm okay with drawing/painting most things). I retain all rights to the artwork, meaning you can't reproduce or make merchandise and sell it there after (this is mostly concerning fanart related commissions). I will send you WIP pictures after the sketch and so forth, if you have any requests please let me know before I finish the final process of the illustration/design.