Commission Information

I start the commission after I receive the full payment. Please understand that art takes time! I'm currently working and taking classes so the timing isn't completely set (if you have a time frame PLEASE let me know). I have the right to decline a commission for any reason (regarding certain requests, please ask me through me email... That being said I'm okay with drawing/painting most things). I retain all rights to the artwork, meaning you can't reproduce or make merchandise and sell it there after. I will send you one WIP picture after the sketch, if you have any requests please let me know before I finish the final process of the illustration/design.
 If you have any further questions regarding commissions, feel free to email me at

Payments are through paypal.


Style 1 : Lineless, Chibi, Simple...

starting at $30 USD per character + with flat background color. 
+ $15 for additional character. maximum of three.
+ $25 for illustrated background

doublesided daki commissionf.jpg

Dakimakura Commission

starting at $150 for one sided and $300 for double sided. for a lewd side of a double sided pillow it will be $400. 

receiving the pillow case could take time due to the supplier being overseas, etc. 


Style 2 : Lots of linework, more complex..

starting at $45+ USD per character with flat background color. (this is depending on complexity of the character, etc...)
+ $20 for additional character. maximum of two. 
+ $30 for illustrated background. 


Icons / Banners / Emotes / Overlays ...

icon prices vary on the depending style. for example, style 1 would be $20. style 2 would be $30. style 3 would be $40. 

for other social media related commissions such as banners, emotes, overlays, etc, I'll be glad to answer any questions through email. 


Style 3 : Painterly 

starting at $70+ USD for a waist up of a character + flat background color. (this is depending on complexity of the character, etc... ) 
+ $25 for full body.
+ $45 for additional character. 
+ $50 for an illustrated background.


Concept art / Visual Design / Environments...

concept sketches start at $35+ for both characters and environments. character sketches are merely rough ideas. 

fully rendered designs/illustrations start at $60+ depending on complexity and the requests.